Trust Cottage Grove, MN Heating Pros to Prep your Furnace for Winter

Minnesota’s unforgiving winters are not for the fainthearted, especially when the freeze sets in. It’s no secret that local Cottage Grove, MN heating companies like Rumpca Services thrive here—furnaces are essential home appliances, after all, especially during late October or early November when temperatures plummet from mildly cold to below freezing. As contributor Joe Gagnon writes: “Yes folks, it is the time of year when the furnace becomes a bigger part of home comfort and you should pay attention to its maintenance.”
Gagnon has a friend in The Farmer’s Almanac, which further reinforces the fact that Minnesota and the U.S. in general is in for a deep freeze. According to the Almanac, temperatures from the Northern Plains to the Great Lakes are expected to drop to as low as 40 degrees below zero.