Get Rebates for New Cottage Grove, MN Heating and Cooling Systems

Summertime is here, and people are starting to exchange their sweaters for swimsuits, and are blasting their air conditioning units. The end of Spring is the perfect time to have your systems for cooling and heating in Cottage Grove, MN checked for any potential issues. Rumpca Services will make that easier for you with our Spring special.

Until June 12, we’re offering buyers up to $1,700 in total rebates when you purchase qualifying Lennox home comfort systems. Receive as much as $1,300 for a high-efficiency air conditioner or heat pump, a gas furnace or blower coil, and a programmable thermostat. Get up to $300 in add-on rebates for four or more solar panels, or up to $100 for an iHarmony™ Zoning System, when you buy them together with the comfort system.


Cottage Grove, MN Heating: Snags You Can Avoid with Proper Maintenance

If you invest in regular services for Cottage Grove, MN furnace repair or maintenance offered by established companies like Rumpca Services, you greatly decrease the chances of you and your family spending an entire night or two without heating—in the middle of winter. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that HVAC equipment tune ups be carried out during autumn.

Using Advanced Technologies for Efficient Heating in Cottage Grove, MN

With the continuous progress of home technology, it is now possible for more homeowners in Minnesota and elsewhere to contribute to a greener environment without sacrificing the use of modern equipment. Thanks to this, consumers will not only enjoy convenient energy planning but also save more on costs. Though many consumers are justifiably concerned about the costs of their electricity, only a minority (below 50%) are aware of other available options.

As a first step towards energy saving, manufacturers are providing tech gadgets and equipment to better manage energy consumption and help consumers cut back on energy costs. There are smart thermostats that can automatically adjust the temperature inside your house according to your schedule. Lennox has a new W—Fi thermostat that will connect to your mobile phone or any computer, allowing you to monitor, adjust and control your home’s heating and cooling system from almost anywhere.

Heating in Cottage Grove, MN: Calling the Days on an Old Dependable

If you’ve had a dreary winter because your furnace all but gave up, the change from winter to springtime may be your chance to start over with a new furnace. In answering questions in a section at This Old House magazine, Richard Trethewey said that there’s much to think about in having a new furnace installed.

A look at the weather readings for the past month in Cottage Grove, MN, revealed some interesting tidbits that can test the patience of people leery of the cold. The mercury was teetering above zero degrees during the Christmas holidays and fluctuated the first two weeks of January 2015, hitting the high 20s nine times – and your furnace may have been severely tested on those coldest days. If you feel that your furnace fought its last battle during the winter of 2014-2015, experts at heating in Cottage Grove, MN like the team at Rumpca Services welcome the chance to ensure you get a new furnace that will best fit your home’s needs.

Heating in Cottage Grove, MN: When to Repair or Replace Your Furnace

If you encounter a problem in your Woodbury, MN or Cottage Grove, MN heating system, you should first determine if your furnace had already served its time: the usual lifespan for a furnace is between 12 and 18 years, so replacement is your best choice if your furnace had already been heating up your home for a dozen years or more. Replacing your furnace is also the best option for units that pose safety hazards in your home (i.e. if poisonous carbon monoxide gas is working its way into your living area due to a cracked heat exchanger—the metal divider between the burning fuel and the heated air).

Trust Cottage Grove, MN Heating Pros to Prep your Furnace for Winter

Minnesota’s unforgiving winters are not for the fainthearted, especially when the freeze sets in. It’s no secret that local Cottage Grove, MN heating companies like Rumpca Services thrive here—furnaces are essential home appliances, after all, especially during late October or early November when temperatures plummet from mildly cold to below freezing. As contributor Joe Gagnon writes: “Yes folks, it is the time of year when the furnace becomes a bigger part of home comfort and you should pay attention to its maintenance.”
Gagnon has a friend in The Farmer’s Almanac, which further reinforces the fact that Minnesota and the U.S. in general is in for a deep freeze. According to the Almanac, temperatures from the Northern Plains to the Great Lakes are expected to drop to as low as 40 degrees below zero.

There’s No “I” in HVAC, Cottage Grove, MN Heating Specialists Explain

Richardson stresses the importance of clear communication, starting with debunking myths and misconceptions. That job is best left to Cottage Grove, MN heating specialists such as Rumpca Services who can sort out fact from fiction.

As Minnesota and the rest of the northern United States prepare to roll into the cold season, it’s imperative that you know this important bit of information. The last thing you want to happen is your HVAC suddenly shutting down amid a fierce snowstorm. Prep your HVAC for the upcoming season while armed with this knowledge. For quality furnace repair in Cottage Grove, MN, count on an expert like Rumpca Services.