General Consumer Guidelines in Choosing an HVAC System for Your Home

With too many players in the market, it is no wonder that most residential homeowners in Woodbury, MN find choosing the right HVAC unit for their personal use difficult. Contrary to popular belief, not all HVACs are the same. There are many factors to consider before choosing to buy the right air conditioning unit to be installed in your home.

Here are some general buying guidelines you can follow in order to guarantee that you are spending your hard-earned money on the right HVAC unit.

Know your type and size.

The reason why most consumers get confused about their impending HVAC purchase is because there are, literally, too many types, brands, and sizes of air conditioning units to choose from. Of course, in order to choose the right air conditioning for your home, you have to consider several factors such as the general climate/weather and the size of the room needed to be cooled.


Follow these Simple HVAC System Maintenance Tips from HVAC Specialists

When it comes to maintaining your HVAC system, it is important that you only follow professional advice. Since HVAC systems are expensive and you cannot afford to replace them every now and then, the smart solution is to make sure your system is well-maintained.

Here are a few tips from air conditioning experts in Cottage Grove, MN, to help keep your HVAC system in tip-top shape.

Check the Air Filter Regularly

First off, keep a regular check on the air filter. You should clean or replace the air filter at least every three months. Look for debris or dust on the filter and clean if necessary. Remember, a dirty air filter will force your HVAC system to work harder, and this will increase your energy bills as well.

Check the Outdoor Unit

Many people tend to ignore the outdoor unit when it comes to maintenance of the HVAC system.

Understanding the Science and Technology Behind Your HVAC System

When buying or renting a home, many potential buyers and tenants tend to overlook one of the most important elements of the house: the HVAC system. Something as important as heating and cooling should not be glossed over, and it would do you well to have some familiarity with an HVAC system. This way, you would know when to turn to professionals in Woodbury, MN for assistance.

What Makes a Good HVAC System

A Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is primarily intended to keep the indoor environment comfortable and safe for people. An HVAC system is typically made up of a furnace, various ventilation duct works, an air conditioning unit, and a thermostat. It is the latter that is responsible for controlling the temperature within your own home.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a term you would hear from HVAC professionals in the business.

Determining Whether Your HVAC Needs a Simple Repair or Replacement

You’ve just barely gotten out of the winter cold and are just starting to enjoy the time under the sun. It’s not just your room that should be undergoing spring cleaning, though, but also your air conditioning units need review. See, they’ve been in hibernation for a while now, and if you didn’t get them checked this season past, you still have the time this early on to get them ready in time for summer.

Should you suspect that your HVAC unit may be having some trouble, though, how do you know if it can still be remedied with a quick repair or if it’s time to finally retire and replace it with a new one?

Some Telling Signs

Among the most common signs that there is trouble for your air conditioning unit would be unfriendly noises coming from it.

HVAC in Woodbury, MN Homes: Good Reasons to Buy Energy-Efficient Units

Regardless of what the temperature is outside, you have the right to keep the temperature inside of your home consistent and comfortable throughout the year. In fact, when you buy a new central air conditioning unit in Woodbury, MN or nearby areas, you can keep your home cool during the summer months without spending too much money. Let’s take a look at the benefits of making such a purchase.

Your New Unit Will Have a Higher Efficiency Ratio

The efficiency of your unit is measured by its SEER, which stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio and takes into account the power needed to start the unit, run it at full capacity, and shut it down.

Reliability and Expertise: HVAC Services Homeowners Can Depend On

The warm summer weather is perfect for exciting outdoor activities, or for just spending some quality time at home and bond with family. However the warm temperatures can also become uncomfortable if you don’t have a functioning air cooling system. This is especially true for regions like Minnesota where temperatures have been known to exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you fancy a new HVAC system or your existing one needs repairs, there may be a couple of decisions that you’ll have to contend with. For example, in cases of breakdowns, you may be torn between repairs or replacement. Usually, this boils down to a few factors like how long you’ve had it or your maintenance routine.

Get a Lennox System for Less from a Woodbury, MN HVAC Firm This Spring

When spring time comes to Woodbury, MN, it gets pretty chilly—we’re talking about an average reading of 53 degrees from March to June. Fortunately, HVAC giant Lennox (through local Woodbury, MN HVAC company Rumpca Services) has the spring chill covered.

If you visit Rumpca Services from March 23rd until June 12th and purchase any qualifying Lennox home comfort system, you can get massive savings. You can receive up to $1300 in rebates with the purchase of a system like a high-efficiency heat pump and gas furnace (including air conditioners and blower coils). This promo also includes solar panels ($300 rebate) if you purchase four or more, and patented iHarmony™Zoning Systems ($100 rebate).